Employee growth at Green Power is a journey. We are committed to provide lifetime employability, rather than just employment. We at Green Power regard our employees as our greatest asset and therefore continuously strive to provide an environment that attracts best-in-class talent and encourages high-quality performance. Hence, we offer careers and not just jobs. We make the journey enjoyable, so reaching the destination becomes much more likely.

Benefits Working With Us


Great location

Green Power is located in Noida, Delhi NCR. Easy access to the subway, beautiful vistas, and artisanal coffee.


Competitive salary

Green Power prides itself on rewarding great work with great compensation.


Benefits galore

We provide full healthcare, dental, optical, so you feel great.


Team events

Strong teams are built on strong bonds. Join us for weekly team lunches quarterly team building, and annual retreats.

We believe in nurturing a cooperative and productive working environment that expects team based results and recognizes exceptional individual performance. Our HR policy is also directed at this: we strive for the best possible fit between employees, their jobs and our projects.