Maintenance Services

As organizations seek to protect capital investments and generate peak efficiency, operations and maintenance are becoming increasingly critical services.We are serving our valuable customers round the clock with a strong team of over 400+ technical and service engineers, specialized in power generation industry and through complete Operation & Maintenance (O&M) and Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) of the entire power plant.Majority of these projects are co-generation based captive power plants with chilling / air-conditioning / hot water recovery from engine jacket water heat and steam from the heat of engine exhaust gases.

We consider the relationship with our customers as long-term, trusting service cooperation for the purpose of fulfilling individual customer needs and ensuring the economic success of the plants. Custom-made service agreements ensure costing and planning security over the entire term.Regular maintenance by Green Power team contributes to the effective avoidance of downtimes and ensures the quality and efficiency of the plant.

Green Power offers comprehensive Operation & Maintenance and Annual Maintenance Contracts covering inspection of Gensets, records the operating parameters with special tools and reports on the health of the Genset. It helps to protect your equipment investment, machine downtime and repair costs.

Maintenance and Maximum Availability

Highly qualified engineers who are familiar with the plants to the last detail take care of themaintenance of gensets and plants. Furthermore, customers have quick access to any needed original spare parts for the respective series. The combination of expertise, availability, and time savings maximizes the efficiency of the plant.

Maximum Benefit for the Operator

Further developments are continually incorporated in the customer's plants. Custom-tailored service documentation provides first-hand information. The available database enables quick and precise identification of the current revision status for the parts order.

Technical service

GPIPL has full-fledged technical expertise to conduct minor and major services of gas gensets & Diesel genset based power plants. We are specialized in trouble shooting of both electrical and mechanical issues of power plants. Simply, GPIPL is the single point service solution provider for the Gas & Liquid fuel based power plants.