Order for MWM Gas Gensets for State-of-the-Art Waste Water Treatment Plant in Delhi

The capital city of Delhi, located in the north of India and home to more than 11 million people, is the country's second largest city and is on record as having the nation's highest population growth rate. Clean water is among the most vital basic necessities for the population. With the new Nilothi waste water treatment plant, West Delhi, the metropolis is planning to establish one of the most advanced plants in India. Per day, up to 91 million liters of waste water are expected to be filtered in the Nilothi plant. This represents a cleaned waste water volume of up to one million inhabitants.

MWM biogas gensets for decentralized electric power
Green Power International Pvt. Ltd., received the order involving three biogas gensets for decentralized electric power in the plant. The three gas engines of the MWM TCG 2020 V16 series will provide for autonomous energy supply of approx. 4.5 MWel. The engines are run on biogas derived from digestion of the sewage sludge. In addition to delivery of the three highly-efficient biogas gensets with overall efficiency rates of up to 85%, the order also includes a 10-year contract until 2024 for the maintenance and servicing of the gas engines.

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MWM CHP plant in a waste water treatment plant enhances India's industrial sector with clean drinking water

In northern India's Dhanwapur (Gurgaon), a waste water treatment facility is installed. The centerpiece of the plant are two MWM TCG 2016 V16 C gas engines, driven by biogas installed by Green Power. The CHP plant has a total electrical output of 1,600 kWel (2 x 800 kWel) and a total thermal output of 769 kWth each, consisting of waste heat from cooling water (432 kWth) and exhaust gases (337 kWth), depending upon the customer's exact requirement.

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