Natural Gas MWM

Companies have relied on MWM for efficiency and cost-effectiveness for over 130 years. Natural gas is an important market segment that MWM covers in the best way possible with its gas engine plants for various application areas. MWM invention of the world's first stationary gas engine in 1881 was the first of many impressive technological milestones. Today, MWM remains one of the world's leading suppliers for decentralized energy production using natural gas, with state-of-the-art technology that meets all of today s extensive requirements. MWM is now a part of Caterpillar Group and the Product Ranges from 400 KW to 4300 KW.

Natural gas is now one of the most important sources of energy. Demand is constantly increasing and supplies of fossil fuels are becoming ever more precious. This presents both an ecological and an economic challenge. Rising natural gas prices necessitate optimum efficiency in the process of converting energy for power, heating or refrigeration.


  • State-of-the-art 12 and 16 cylinder V-engines
  • Turbocharging and two-phase-intercooling
  • Single cylinder heads with four-valve technology
  • Centrally arranged industrial spark plug with intensive plug seat cooling
  • Microprocessor-controlled high-voltage ignition system
  • One ignition coil per cylinder
  • Electronic control and monitoring of genset operation through TEM
  • Exhaust emissions controlled according to combustion chamber temperature

Your Benefits

  • Package of favorable investment and low operating costs.
  • Low energy consumption thanks to maximum primary energy utilization.
  • Long service intervals and ease of service guarantee additional cost savings.
  • Efficient energy conversion with outstanding performance.
  • Two-phase-intercooling permits maximum power even when using gases with low methane numbers.
  • Reliable control and monitoring with high safety standards ensure optimum combustion and maximum engine protection.
  • All governing, service, control and monitoring functions are easy and comfortable to operate.

  1. Above outputs are as per standard ISO condition, NOx < 500 mg / Nm³ at 5% O2 dry.
  2. Outputs are based on inlet gas methane no.70 for K series & 2032 series and Methane no. 80 for other gensets.
  3. The values in this data sheet are for information purposes only and are subjected to change.