E2P Gas Gensets

E2P Gas Gensets –
Energy Efficient & Environment Friendly Power

E2P brand of Gas Gensets are designed to cater the power requirement of 40 KVA to 125 KVA for standby applications. Our E2P gas gensets are equipped with Ashok Leyland gas engines, Ashok Leyland, the flagship of the Hinduja Group in India, Founded in 1948, it is the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, fourth largest manufacturer of buses in the world and 12th largest manufacturer of trucks globally. Operating nine plants, Ashok Leyland also makes spare parts and engines for industrial and marine applications. Ashok Leyland's Power Solution Business group is the complete power solutions provider for Gas engines.

Our E2P Gas gensets comprising of Ashok Leyland gas engines comes as Ready to Use (RTU) units for Oil & Gas, CBM blocks, CNG Stations, industrial and commercial sectors.The E2P gas gensets offers better fuel efficiency compared to any engine in its class and setting new benchmark for lower alternative fuel engine life cycle costs.In genset applications,the lower alternative fuel costs,improved fuel economy and lower incremental maintenance costs of E2P Gas gensets will save valuable operational cost.

E2P Gas Gensets – Basic features

  • Ready to use & rugged.
  • Suitable for Island mode operations.
  • Engine fuel kit comprising Regulator, Mixer and valves designed to give higher fuel efficiency.
  • Electronic Governing System with AVR to handle transient load changes.
  • Provide Gas connection at one end and take out Power from MCB panel for use at other end – Ready to use (RTU) sets.
  • Dynamically balanced ensuring least vibrations.
  • Aesthetically designed weather proof, sound proof Acoustic Enclosure.
  • Maximum safeties incorporated for reliable and safe operations.
  • Suitable for Natural gas (PNG), CBM gas and Biogas

E2P Gas Gensets – Safety Features

  • Overs peed / Under-speed Shutdown
  • Low oil pressure shutdown
  • High engine pressure shutdown
  • Over Voltage/Under Voltage Shutdown

E2P Gas Gensets – Benefits & Advantages

  • Clean & Safe Fuel
  • No theft of fuel
  • No Spillage
  • No Adulteration
  • Environment Friendly
  • No Noise Pollution
  • No Handling / Transportation of Fuel
  • Ease of Operation
  • Lower Operating Cost
  • Lower Emissions
  • No Vibrations
  • Compact & Low Weight

Performance Data

Genset Model E2P40c E2P62.5c E2P125c
Rating (KVA) 40 62.5 125
Phase 3 Phase 3 Phase 3 Phase


  • In view of our constant endevour to improve the quality of our products, we reserve the right to alter or change the specification without prior notice.
  • The values given above are for information purposes only and not binding. The information given in the offer is decisive.

Specifications and Dimensions

Engine Type   E2P40c E2P62.5c E2P125c
Length mm 2500 2800 3500
Height mm 1350 1400 1890
Width mm 1100 1200 1500
Bore/Stroke mm 104/118 104/118 104/113
Speed min-1 1500 1500 1500
Aspiration   Natural Natural Turbo Charged


  • Above details / values are approx. and may change without prior information - Dimension with Acoustic Enclosure
  • The values given above are for information purposes only and not binding. The information given in the offer is decisive.