Green Power offers Uninterrupted & infinite Power back with Diesel Rotary UPS (DRUPS) from one of the world’s leading DRUPS manufacturer M/s Euro Diesel of Belgium with Product Brand name as NO-BREAK KS®. EURO-DIESEL was established in 1989 by a group of specialists in power products and Standby Generating sets. It has since brought into the market an indisputable Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply system (DRUPS) baptised as the NO-BREAK KS®.

DRUPS system not only offers uninterrupted & infinite power but also does the Power Conditioning of the Grid Supply by correcting the Voltage, Improving the Power Factor, filters Harmonics & eliminates the micro cuts. The NO-BREAK KS® is such a simple piece of equipment that one might think of it as a conventional generator-set. It is made up of a Diesel Engine that is coupled to a Stato-Alternator, via an Electromagnetic Clutch. The Stato-Alternator is the combination of a Kinetic Energy Accumulator and a Synchronous machine. The NO-BREAK KS® also includes a control panel and a choke/power panel.

How does it work?

  • In the heart of the NO-BREAK KS®‚ is its kinetic energy accumulator; a clever but simple system to store and retrieve kinetic energy.
  • The kinetic energy accumulator consists of two rotating parts: the outer rotor runs mechanically-free around the inner rotor. (See diagram below)
  • The inner rotor, driven by the main shaft, rotates at 1500 rpm. It contains two sets of windings; a three-phase AC winding and a DC winding.

Energy storage

In conditioning mode, the AC winding is powered to generate a rotating magnetic field which turns the outer rotor to the speed of maximum 3000 rpm. However, the relative speed between inner and outer ring of the bearings is only 1500 rpm, since the shaft itself is rotating at 1500 rpm.

The outer rotor stores kinetic energy advantageously, since the amount of kinetic energy increases quadratically with the distance from the centre of rotation.

Energy retrieval

In independent mode, the DC winding is powered and the outer rotor is electrically coupled to the inner rotor by induction. Its kinetic energy is transferred to the inner rotor -- it drives it. This energy transfer is regulated by accurately controlling the current injected into the DC winding.

The kinetic energy accumulator is a totally brushless system.

Conditioning Mode

In conditioning mode, when the mains supply is within tolerance, the synchronous machine is acting as a motor, driving the main shaft and thus the accumulator, storing kinetic energy in it.

When the inner rotor rotates at 1500 rpm (50 Hz), the outer rotor then rotates at maximum 3000 rpm. The kinetic energy is thus stored.

Independent Mode

In independent mode--during mains failure or voltage perturbation--the stored kinetic energy is now transferred to the stato-alternator, which acts as a generator. This happens without any interruption to the user.

Shortly after, the diesel engine starts and couples to the stato-alternator by latching the electromagnetic clutch. The energy is then relayed from the diesel engine to the synchronous machine and then to the loads.

Sequence :

  • QD1 opens
  • The kinetic energy transfered from the outer rotor maintains the frequency at 50 Hz within +/- 1%
  • The engine starts
  • The electromagnetic clutch closes
  • When the engine reaches 1500rpm, it transfers power to the load, until the mains supply returns.

Transfer From Conditioning Mode To Independent Mode

This graph shows the transfer from conditioning to independent mode and back: The frequency is maintained within narrow tolerances, the accumulator’s speed decreases and then the diesel engine starts to provide power to the load.

In the event of a diesel engine start-up failure, the electromechanical clutch will close shortly after opening QD1 and the kinetic energy of the accumulator will start the diesel engine. This gives the NO-BREAK KS® a redundant start possibility; a second guarantee to start the engine.

Mains Return : Back To Conditioning Mode

  • The NO-BREAK KS®‚ synchronises with the mains supply.
  • The outer rotor is re-accelerated to its rated speed.
  • When the rated kinetic energy is stored, QD1 closes.
  • The electromagnetic clutch opens.
  • The diesel engine runs at idle speed for cooling and then stops eventually. The system secures the critical load against an unlimited number of repeated mains failures.


The KS-VISION® is the touch-screen HMI (Human-Machine Interface) control and monitor system for easy operation and monitoring of each NO-BREAK KS®.

To achieve the highest reliability and availability for many years to come, EURO-DIESEL carefully selected their partners to develop this new Digital Control Module (DCM). It ensures a reliable and safe operation of the DRUPS and guarantees an uninterrupted power supply to the critical loads under all circumstances.

Each control panel of the NO-BREAK KS® is equipped with KS-VISION® as a standard component. Besides the local HMI, the KS-VISION® can also be accessed through a modem, Modbus/Profibus protocol or even the World Wide Web. The functionality of the NO-BREAK KS® is completely independent from the local HMI.

KS-VISION® features

  • 12" Colour Touch-Screen
  • Ethernet link to PLC
  • Web-based monitoring
  • Dynamic IP address for external communication
  • USB plug in front of panel for easy connection
  • Reduces interface and eliminates single point of failure
  • Automatic recognition of single/parallel system configuration
  • Intelligence: Diesel start reduction
  • Data generation: Input and output voltage, frequency, power demand (kW, kVA, kVAr), current, and power factor data
  • System mode information with regard to conditioning mode, independent mode and by-pass mode
  • Alarms, status and controls
  • Settings: Languages, time, communication protocols and system tests


Even the most efficient DRUPS system consumes energy while operating in conditioning mode. The NO-BREAK KS®, however, consumes very little energy compared to the general UPS systems in the market while providing clean and conditioned power to our critical load.

Electrical Advantages


The NO-BREAK KS® is the most efficient system in the market (>96%)


The high reliability of the NO-BREAK KS® is inherent to its design. The low component count and low operational speed make the NO-BREAK KS® the UPS system with the best MTBF in the industry.


Voltage dips, spikes, switching pulses, micro-cuts, etc. are automatically eliminated at all operating modes.


The voltage on the protected busbar is regulated within ±1% for upstream voltage fluctuations of up to +10% / -30%.


The NO-BREAK KS® provides reactive power and increases the power factor on the mains side, eliminating the need for capacitor banks. Since the NO-BREAK KS® improves the input power factor to almost unity, this reduces your electricity bill significantly.


The NO-BREAK KS® constitutes a perfect filter against all disturbances. It protects the load from mains carrying harmonics and prevents mains disturbances caused by load harmonics.


The NO-BREAK KS® allows the clearing of short circuits on downstream feeders without using the bypass.

Mechanical Advantages


The NO-BREAK KS® can attain up to 2500 kVA (50Hz) per unit and can save up to 50% of floor space over static UPS designs.


The NO-BREAK KS® is totally brushless, thus eliminating the problems generated by brushes and sliprings.


Maximum bearing speed is less than 1500 rpm, guaranteeing lower operating temperatures, higher efficiencies, and very long bearing life.


The NO-BREAK KS® has a Monobloc design; all machines are directly coupled, which makes the NO-BREAK KS® extremely robust. The NO-BREAK KS® does not require critical laser alignment inspections in the factory nor on-site.


The NO-BREAK KS® is equipped with a redundant starting system to activate the diesel engine mechanically through the kinetic energy of the outer rotor.

Product Range

NO-BREAK KS®7e - 2750kVA (50Hz)

NO-BREAK KS®7emeet the latest development from EURO-DIESEL, the next generation of Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supply systems the NO-BREAK KS®7e.

Engineered to give the best PUE, power density and the smallest footprint, the NO-BREAK KS®7e delivers up to 2750 kVA (50Hz) per unit. This is an ideal solution for data centresthat have more and more tendency to deploy UPS systems that save energy and can fit easily into space-constrained buildings.

NO-BREAK KS®7E-SB - 2750kVA (50Hz)

When the load is separated into critical and non-critical (essential) loads, the NO-BREAK KS®7e-SB (dual output version) delivers 2750 kVA per unit.

NO-BREAK KS®5 –200 to 2500kVA (50Hz)

Perfected since its original concept, the NO-BREAK KS®5 DRUPS range has been uniquely designed to meet the most arduous requirements in terms of power quality, robustness and reliability. The NO-BREAK KS®5 secures critical loads from 200kVA onwards. We integrate the NO-BREAK KS® into your new or existing facility in the most cost effective, efficient and reliable way with all of your requirements met.

NO-BREAK KS®5-SB - 200-2500kVA (50Hz)

Many industries have a combination of critical and non-critical loads in their facility. The NO-BREAK KS®5-SB is the perfect match to combine both load types by powering the critical loads at all times, and then powering the non-critical loads within a maximum of 10 seconds break.

The NO-BREAK KS®5-SB eliminates the need of additional diesel generators, saves on floor space and eventually, saves on building costs. As a result, this reduces the total Cost of Ownership.

NO-BREAK KS®4 - 100-200kVA (50Hz)

The NO-BREAK KS®4 is the smallest DRUPS system available on the market. It is a proven and flexible solution for many industries including manufacturing, hospital, remote radar installation, computer room, telecommunication switch backup, broadcasting and more.

This system is flange mounted; the length is reduced and no special alignment procedures are required on site. The system is compact and housed in its acoustically designed enclosure which also encompasses daily fuel tank, control panel, choke and power panel as well as meters. It is easy to install and to operate.

SYNCHROSTA JS® - 200-2500kVA (50Hz)

SYNCHROSTA® JS: Mains Conditioner and solution for short outages.
Poor power quality as a result of short outages, voltage drops and spikes along with electronic noise and interference carried on the mains can be just as damaging and unacceptable to critical loads as a major power cut. The SYNCHROSTA® JS is the technical solution to solve these problems.

By installing the SYNCHROSTA® JS, these disruptions are dealt with and in addition, you gain other benefits:

  • Short power transfer is sometimes sufficient to eliminate the need for longer term backup strategies.
  • The system works as a synchronous compensator and improves the power factor.
  • It isolates the load from mains that carry harmonics and prevents mains disturbances caused by load harmonics.
  • The load is protected from spikes and switching pulses.
  • Fast clearing of downstream short circuits is enabled.